Monday, May 16, 2011

Something Missing

This is a little park area between our Town Hall (on the left) and our Youth Centre (on the right). It has a fountain, benches, and a few historical plaques along the river. To get the whole space in the photo I had to set myself up in a parking lot, so excuse the dumpster!

While filing at the museum I came across these photos of the same space from the early 1980's. It blew me away. I had no idea two houses (one gigantic...) used to be there. No idea. Were they there before the Town Hall was built? Who would allow two building to be built so close to each other in the first place? And why aren't they there anymore????

Friday, May 13, 2011

I know I've shown photos of the Bates and Innes Mill before, but here it is again. So pretty. And still for rent, most of it...

I found this old advertisement on ebay:

Isn't it great? I'm not sure what he's doing with that rope while dressed only in his long-johns, but I do love the image!!

Oh! And here's a finished view of the house in "Progress" from 20 October, 2009 (I can't figure out this "link" thing). Not beautiful or inspired, but finished. More than I can say!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

St. James Cemetery

St. James Cemetery is on the 8th Line of Ramsay Township, just north of town. It dates back to about 1834, the date of the founding of the Parish.

I've always liked the steps leading you over the fence. It's fun to climb over. Not sure if you are supposed to have fun in a cemetery, but oh well!

This cemetery
was founded on what is known as "Clergy Lands." This was land granted to Protestant Churches under the 1791 Constitution. Eventually, the granting of these lands became a political issue and the lands reverted to the Crown. In 1856 the parish of St. James purchased the land for 100 pounds. For many years, the land supplied the wood for heating the Church and Rectory.

The vault above was constructed in 1903, and for many years it was used by all the denominations in town, being a place to store your dearly departed until the spring thaw....