Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Work is progressing nicely on our upstairs hall now. Walls are painted. Ceiling is washed. Baseboards are being constructed, and door trim is being beefed up with (shh...) MDF trim. Work is also progressing on the little stucco house that used to look like ours:

Remember this building?

Notice anything different...new looking...? Town council decided to paint over the old advertising sign on the wall, as some sort of tourist attractor. I don't like it. I suppose it will fade...

Here is a photo of the main street (Bridge Street) looking south, probably from c. 1920.

Here is the same view, taken yesterday. Pretty intact, I'd say. Note the nice faded painted wall on the side of the building. Council plans to repaint that too!

This is the largest commercial building in C.P. It was built as "Taylor's Department Store and Garage" in 1888.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Get A Handle on It!

This is our upstairs bathroom. Too bad I can't find those "before" photos, because it was icky. Brown walls, brown " brick" linoleum, brown cupboards... anyway...this is it now.

Not exciting, but clean, bright and happy. Basically, we gave everything a fresh coat of paint. There is a new window, new pine floors, and a new toilet, sink and tub (with tile surround instead of flexible plastic!).

The little chair above came from the Sunday School room in the United Church in town:

We built a new plank door for the closet, which I really like:

We found the hinges we wanted, but the handle is here:

This house in our neighbourhood has sat empty since we moved here (so at least eleven years now). It is such a cute little house on a double lot, and with a neat little barn in the back. It makes me both sad and frustrated that the owners are just letting it deteriorate when it could be such a great little home. Around the corner to the left in the photo is a side entrance with the perfect handle for my closet door...

I want it, I want it, I want it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

As I deal with the fact that our back porch is facing another winter in it's unfinished state, i take heart in other people's tardiness/indecision/laziness...(With apologies to the owners, who I don't know!) If you are insulted, please come see all my unfinished stuff!!

Check out this house. It was white with blue trim. Then it was blue with white trim. One weekend it turned grey, and the trim started to change to dark blue. then, about a year ago, things just stopped. the great little window's walk has never been touched.

I guess they are still deciding....

And, about a kilometer down the same street:

These people made their decision at least 8 years ago. They transformed the front of their house with dark paint and lots of detail on their veranda. It's gorgeous. but that's all they ever did. The front.