Monday, October 19, 2009

Get A Handle on It!

This is our upstairs bathroom. Too bad I can't find those "before" photos, because it was icky. Brown walls, brown " brick" linoleum, brown cupboards... anyway...this is it now.

Not exciting, but clean, bright and happy. Basically, we gave everything a fresh coat of paint. There is a new window, new pine floors, and a new toilet, sink and tub (with tile surround instead of flexible plastic!).

The little chair above came from the Sunday School room in the United Church in town:

We built a new plank door for the closet, which I really like:

We found the hinges we wanted, but the handle is here:

This house in our neighbourhood has sat empty since we moved here (so at least eleven years now). It is such a cute little house on a double lot, and with a neat little barn in the back. It makes me both sad and frustrated that the owners are just letting it deteriorate when it could be such a great little home. Around the corner to the left in the photo is a side entrance with the perfect handle for my closet door...

I want it, I want it, I want it.

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