Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Work is progressing nicely on our upstairs hall now. Walls are painted. Ceiling is washed. Baseboards are being constructed, and door trim is being beefed up with (shh...) MDF trim. Work is also progressing on the little stucco house that used to look like ours:

Remember this building?

Notice anything different...new looking...? Town council decided to paint over the old advertising sign on the wall, as some sort of tourist attractor. I don't like it. I suppose it will fade...

Here is a photo of the main street (Bridge Street) looking south, probably from c. 1920.

Here is the same view, taken yesterday. Pretty intact, I'd say. Note the nice faded painted wall on the side of the building. Council plans to repaint that too!

This is the largest commercial building in C.P. It was built as "Taylor's Department Store and Garage" in 1888.

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