Friday, July 4, 2008

Garbage Pick

One day last week my neighbour put this old sewing machine out at the curb with a "free"sign on it. I ignored it for two days, then finally gave in to my curiosity, and opened the case. Inside was this beautiful blue machine! I like anything blue!

I went home, got my trusty "Henry Express", and loaded the machine on. (It was bloody heavy!)

I spent about an hour taking it apart, and these are the bits I kept.....

Here are some of my favourites:

I used the foot pedal as a topper and then hung various bits and bobs (and bobbins, get it?) from that to make my own version of a wind chime. Except I hate the noise wind chimes make. Mine's not too bad; it just produces a nice dull clank when the wind blows!!

It's quite hard to take a photo of, but believe me, it looks cool in person!


Sadie Says said...

Well, at first I was appalled that you took it apart! (I guess it didn't work?) but I absolutely love your wind chime, so I forgive you. Well done, crafty you!

windywoowoo said...

I am amazed by this!!!