Friday, September 5, 2008

Back to the House

Just in case you think I've been neglecting my house, a few photos for you...

No, they're not of the finished bedroom. (Still have to finish baseboards.)
No, they're not of the finished porch. (Still have to install ceiling and knee walls.)
No, they're not of anything that's finished!

My front hall:

Note the nice old wide pine plank floor in the living room at the top of the photo? Well, that's what is under the plywood floor in the front hall. I've torn off the linoleum, but that's as far as I've gotten. Now that the lino is gone, this floor seems to have a bad odour when it's damp out!!

This is the same plywood floor, but painted. This is our t.v. room. When we first moved here, we thought it would be smart to leave the plywood in this room because it was where the kids played, and it was pretty indestructible. Now, though, it's in bad shape, chipping, and giving people splinters... Plus, it is really ugly. So yes, I've started a new project!! I can't spend another winter in this room looking at the ugly floor.

Today I tore off the baseboards (cheap, ugly, new ones, don't worry!) and then pried off this little piece of plywood covering a vent that wasn't being used. It took me far longer than it should have to get this little piece off. Way too long. I swore a lot and sweated a lot. (It's really hot here today!) Maybe there is an easier method, or maybe I just don't have the upper body strength. I will ask around though, because there is an awful lot of plywood left to rip up!!


Sadie Says said...

Oooh exciting! I hope the floors are in good shape underneath. Will you try and refinish them yourself?

ann fenwick said...

This is really neat! Thanks for doing this. The hallway will be lovely once the floor is finished. Do you have any baseboards? Or leave them until you get the playroom finished and do them all at once.1gr1e_