Thursday, October 16, 2008

I LOVE hardware!!

Big excitement! My parents decided to get new windows put into their beautiful old house. After having a hissy fit, and telling my poor Mum that new windows would wreck the look of their house, I calmed down, and meekly asked her to at least save me the hardware.

Look! She brought me a bag full last weekend, and I was so excited to see these two piece window closures...

And look! Thumb latch things!

So, in my excitement, I'm ignoring things I really should be doing (floors, mainly...) and stripping hardware!! Look - here's a clean one sitting on a window beside a painted one. Yes, my Mum brought me some whole windows too!

Here's a close up of it, all cleaned up! Isn't it beautiful? This is the open position.

...and in the locked position....

Thanks Mum!! I'll be installing these babies (and the thumb latches) on the four original windows downstairs. Three in the living room, and one in the t.v. room. I think they will look wonderful!


Sadie Says said...

Wow, those are beautiful! Show us pictures when you get them on your own windows.

Greg said...

Hey! Those are mine!

Ha! Is right.