Friday, March 6, 2009


I dragged my flu riddled body off the couch today and made the trip to Home Depot to buy two of these: I saw them in the flyer yesterday at half the price I'd seen them any where else...

I'm pretty excited. We've never had doors on the main floor. If someone is watching, for example, WWE very loudly; then we are ALL listening to WWE very loudly. To be able to shut a door on unwanted noise will be a wonderful thing.

One door will go here:

This is looking into the front hall at the closet (which also needs a door, but I'm hoping to find some unique bit of salvage in my shed that will work!...)

And one will go here:

This is looking into the kitchen and the little hall leading to the basement. In the above photos you can admire our newly sanded, filled, sanded, filled, sanded, verathaned, sanded, verathaned....original pine floors. Aren't they lovely? You can also admire bits of newly scraped, sanded and finished baseboard leaning here and there. These baseboards came from a house in Brooklyn, New York. When they are installed with their top bits, I'll post some photos. The mantlepiece also came from the Brooklyn house, and will be installed on this wall. There won't be a working fireplace but hopefully it will look like there once was...

Actually, we DO have one door on the main floor! The bathroom door! This powder room was added in the 1970's. To make room for it, they tore out the back staircase that led up to the master bedroom. Oh well, I have to admit this powder room has served us well! We bought the door at Habitat For Humanity in Ottawa, stripped it, and oiled it, and there it is.


Sadie Says said...

OMG the doors will be great!! Those are the type of doors that we have in our house--we have one at the top of the stairs and two in the dining room (one to the front hall and one to the front room). Since my last house had no doors at all (except the bathroom) I just love having doors! This is long overdue for you. Yay for you!

Sadie Says said...

p.s. I'm loooove with the bits of brooklyn. I wish I could have come with you that time and taken a few little things. It's just so cool to say "yeah, I took this out of a house in brooklyn". The best I can say is "Yeah, this bathroom door is from a house in old South. haha