Monday, April 22, 2013

Still standing!

A few weeks ago there was a series of fires deliberately set in sheds and parked cars just a few blocks from where I live. This house got the worst of it.
When I first heard that a fire had been set in an abandoned shed on Queen Street, I immediately thought of my favourite little shed:

It sits quietly behind an empty little house with closed blinds and the name "Garland" on the name plate. It's been empty since I moved to town 16 years ago. 

Happily, the shed is still standing, so I snuck into the yard and took a bunch of photos.


Just in case!


Leif Clancy said...

It's devastating to see how fire can destroy everything in just a snap. Anyway, it's a good thing that the shed is still standing, and I can't help to notice it's roof. It's looks just fine, not like it's exterior that you can definitely guess how old it is.

Leif Clancy @

Vander said...

Hello Jenny!
I'm from Brazil and I like so much one of your photos...
Can we talk about this?

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