Friday, June 6, 2008

Patterson and Sons

Last time, I showed a photo of the dormer window in this building - the old Patterson and Sons building. It was a furniture and undertaker business way back when. It is on our main street, right on the Mississippi River.

This is the view of the side of the building from across the river...

The old painted sign. See where the wood supports for the balcony were? There used to be a second story balcony wrapping around this side of the building. Note the French door up there too...

There used to be an identical door down here at water level, and it was said to be access for Indians trading with the shopkeepers. It's been badly changed to a window.... and of course, water levels have dropped here like everywhere else. (Honey Harbour ...... sigh....) I thought the reflection in the water was rather artistic, but it actually makes looking at the photo confusing! Sorry!

Across the street from Patterson's is our Town Hall. It was built in 1895. Nice eh?

Although I think they need to paint the trim a contrasting colour! The building always looks a tiny bit blah to me! Especially on a grey, drizzly day!

This is the view up the river from the same vantage point...

You are right in the middle of town, but as you can see, people have boat houses here, right in their backyards! Just down around the bend on the left is our swimming beach, right beside the high school.


windywoowoo said...

i had no idea the river was such a big part of your existence..its not what I imagined at all! but I would love to come there someday...soon!

Sadie Says said...

I didn't either--and I've been there! I love the building right on the water. It would make such a great house. Imagine eating dinner on your deck, right over the river (unless it stinks--then it wouldn't be that great).

Your city hall is huge!! And it looks spooky in that weather.