Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Forgotten on Franktown Road

Driving north along Franktown Road, just coming into town, I pass this empty, abandoned house. I admit, empty, abandoned houses always catch my eye....but this one did for another reason.....

It has a second, empty, abandoned house attached to it at the back! This house in the rear appears older, more typical to the area. Very much like our house.

Driving around the corner gives another view...

It certainly is empty. Can anyone fill me on this house's history??

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jenny said...

Well I've met the woman who owns this place. It's full of "junk" (probably treasures...) and as soon as she cleans it out she plans to tear it down. I've made her promise to let me in for a look before she does..

She thinks the house was originally built across the street and was moved to this spot when the land was sold to the developers of Mississippi Manor subdivision.