Sunday, November 13, 2011

Franktown Road

The big old red brick home up on a hill always caught my eye as I drove along Franktown Road. I don't know it's history - it's been a rental for many years. Last month this big sign was installed in the front yard: MOVE IT! SALVAGE IT! DEMOLISH IT! if they are all exciting options.

I know who owns the house. I know the plan - a huge number of townhouses squashed onto the lot - I know I can't move it or salvage it and I know I don't want it demolished.
It looks very solid. Has two staircases. Original trim, including a gorgeous newel post and a fancy spandrel in the parlour...

It has the curved window tops and the carved limestone lintels that Carleton Place is famous for.

The brickwork seems in good shape, and it has it's old hand pump in the backyard.

Who's going to save it?


HomeAgain said...

I agree - I hope someone can save it too!

Nance said...

what ever happened to this beautiful brick home?