Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"After" photos.

Almost one year later, I have some "after" photos of our t.v. room. If you scroll down to previous posts, you can compare with the "before" shots. I'm too lazy to re-insert them!

Here is the new window on the driveway side of the house. I can now watch the kids playing basketball, quickly see which car my husband took to work, and let the early morning sun into my house! Do ignore the orange Ikea bookshelf please - it is just there temporarily!

Here is the front window, and the door (!!!) into the front hallway. The door needs one more layer of stain yet before it will match the trim around it. The door trim and the baseboards in this room were not original; we salvaged them from a house in Brooklyn, brought them home and I spent the winter scraping paint.

Here is the door leading to the little back hall and kitchen. As you can see, I have a bit of white paint left on the bottom corner still to remove. I didn't realize that end of the board would be used, and now I'm learning how hard it is to scrape paint on a vertical surface down at ankle level! I'm finished staining and finishing this door, and I think it matches pretty well. In fact, I'm totally happy with these doors! I can't believe how wonderful it is to close the door on a loud stupid kid's t.v. show, or how convenient it is to keep the dog away when you are playing a game on the floor....

The mantle, is, of course, from Brooklyn too. I want to paint it white again, but am being threatened with torture by the person who began stripping it! Once we resolve this issue, we will pull the mantle forward, install the oak surround it came with, and fake an opening and inside surround. I am leaning towards putting one of those electric "yet looks like a real wood stove" in the opening. I can picture a beige or red one sitting there looking not too bad, and keeping me warm and cozy while I watch "Desperate Housewives" this winter!

This window is on the back wall of the house, facing the still-unfinished porch. We put this vertical window in to replace a really cheap horizontal 1970's window. Now all the windows in the room match, and everything just feels right. (Except the curtain rod looks wonky, and I really don't like that armchair in front of the window.......!)

A close-up of the base boards and floor. You can't imagine how happy these make me!

And for "Sadie Says" - Mum's cleaned up window hardware now installed on my original windows....grimy as they are!

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Sadie Says said...

Wow! Those baseboards are very handsome indeed. Everything looks great!