Thursday, September 17, 2009


I am busy searching for my misplaced "before" photos of the bathroom. While I search, here are some photos of my favourite houses in town:

The house above backs onto a Christmas tree farm, and has always caught my eye with its neat second story porch.

I used to walk by this pretty red brick house on my way to work each day. The gardens are spectacular, with a groovy sculpture garden in the back. This is a very common style in town - I could do a whole post one day showing all the houses built in the style in my neighbourhood...

This is a neat frame house on the north side of town. I like the enclosed sun porch on the top!

Isn't this pretty? A classic Lanark County stone house. It used to face the river, until newer homes were built across the street...

A great old shed around the corner. I love sheds and wish I had one...well, I do, but it dates from approx. 1980 and is of the classic "barn roof" variety. I hate it.


Christopher Busta-Peck said...

The first house is definitely something. I've never seen anything like it. I'd be curious to know whether that was how it originally looked.

windywoowoo said... thrilled to see new posts ..I haven't checked in a while..interesting stuff!! i see a book in your future!!

vetsson said...

Again with my 1980s references... The first house, IIRC, was built as a hotel.. or more likely a brothel.
The brick house with the nice gardens is owned by the Dentists... Stevenson/Trinka. I used to live in the house next door when they bought it from a classmate's family. Lots of hours were put in those gardens.
The house with the closed in porch, it burned when I was very young... Right around the same time, the downtown record hall burned. Both were fixed at about the same time... The recoird gall is the moose now.
Again with my 1980s references... Like 1983... There is a garage beside the house house that shares a property line with the school, if you pulled off the siding, it would be a centennial leaf on the north side wall. I remember then covering it over with vinyl.

The classic stone house has always looked just that way. I never knew who owned it, but I want to say an 'old time' doctor and his wife. The barn, if memory serves, belongs to a house that used to be (owned by one of the town police officers.)

TimothyPilgrim said...

Being from the Kingston area, the little limestone house resonates with me. It's be far my favourite style and material. Wish I had one...