Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Here are a few photos of our kitchen shortly after moving in: (The "before" shots of our bathroom have vanished into the bowels of the computer, never to be found again - oh how I miss the days of film!)

The lady homeowner before us loved her pinks and florals. I didn't. Borders with wheelbarrows and watering cans everywhere...floral linoleum to match the floral wallpaper.... ugly fishbowl light fixtures, and phone jacks in inappropriate places....

Here are a few photos of our kitchen now:

No, we haven't done ANY major work. Yes, the floral lino is still there, and in fact, is held down with white duct tape near the sink. Yes, we really need a new countertop! Yes, I still need a closet door... It is a perfect workspace for one person cooking dinner, but an impossible space for five people and a dog to be in at one time... No, I can't fit in a dishwasher (believe me, I have measured and measured and measured!)...

But I like my kitchen now. I like the colours. I like the light fixtures (from an old train station), I like my leather drawer pulls, and I like all my stuff. Check out the spice cupboard my brother helped me build:

It is hiding a heating pipe that goes up to our bedroom from the basement. We stared at this ugly silver pipe for years, and then designed a cupboard that fits around it.

Here is the spice bit:

Neat eh? I love it. The bottom cupboard was made to hold two twelve-packs of beer too. I think of everything!!

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Sadie Says said...

I'm jelous of your spice cupboard! Well done. I'm still sure you could get a dishwasher in there somehow. You might need someone to come in and give you ideas. There has to be a way!