Friday, May 2, 2008

I have two life coaches!!

My friend Wendy has encouraged me to write a blog since I spend all day on the internet anyway! But now I'll spend even more time wasting time at the computer! I woke up today full of plans, as always. After four coffees I still felt dopey, so I thought I'd take Shelby out for a walk before it rained. Then I thought, "I'll take the camera and get some shots of the river". Almost 50 photos later, I was home, Shelby was sleeping, and I was at the computer putting an album of our walk onto Facebook. Then I chatted with Wendy on Facebook. Now it's almost three hours later - Shelby is still sleeping, and I've accomplished nothing around the house, and
it still hasn't rained! Below, some photos from our walk.

The Mississippi River (the Canadian version) that runs through Carleton Place, and at one time powered all these mills!

This building was the Horace Brown flour mill, and is now condominiums. It's where I'd like to live when I retire!

This is the oldest remaining building from the Brown Mill complex. It's now a fancy Italian restaurant where my 16 year-old works.

The Bates and Innes woolen mill, built in 1871. Originally a woolen mill manufacturing fine worsteds and tweeds. Now it houses an electronic firm.
There are at least 3 other old stone mills in town, and I'll post photos of them next time!


windywoowoo said...

Jenny..this is great..!! I think this is a huge accomplishment for one day! know the dooce lady earns a good living from blogging..

windywoowoo said...

so now I'm checking your blog more blog please!