Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Painting Walls / Painted Walls

I'm hoping to finish all the painting in the bedroom today, and then I can start putting up new baseboards! Oh, to have baseboards! I have to make them nice and thick and high and old looking, for authenticity, but also to hide the famous "big hole". Easier than trying to fix that thing with drywall!

It's a gorgeous day here, so I'll go upstairs and get at it, so that I can enjoy the afternoon. Below, a few "painted walls" in town...
This was Taylors , on the main street. They owned a department store and garage for a few generations. The front of the building has stone sills and lintels and a nice pressed metal cornice on top. This is on a side street, leading to the
Taylors garage, then a bicycle repair shop. Empty now.

Another limestone building on our main street. Someone rudely hung a wooden board over the original painted sign. Actually, I think there are several layers of painted advertising on this wall!
This building always seems to be empty and up for rent.


windywoowoo said...

I seem to be the only one leaving comments..but don't worry..the other readers will come..we need to link all our blogs..anyway,keep it up.. its great!! and don't you find it spurs you on to be more productive!

Sadie Says said...

I'm here I'm here! The email about your blog got lost, Jenny!

But I loooove your blog. If I found it just by accident I'd be book marking it.

By the way, I like your idea of covering the hole with a baseboard. Those clippy things I told you about looked complicated!

ruzzel01 said...

Classic look. I like it that way.