Friday, May 16, 2008


We are famous here for starting projects. I, myself start a new one pretty much every week. Some have to do with the house, some don't! So, at any given time, there are at least four or five unfinished projects going on around here. Thus, no "after" photos of the master bedroom yet. Soon though. It is painted, and some of the baseboard is on. I thought it would be easy - cut to fit, and nail them on! Of course, it's not easy. The walls are wonky. The baseboard is not. Big gaps.

So I'll show you another unfinished project we are working on!! Our side porch. This is what was here when we moved in:
Not much to look at, and too small. Previous owners have told us that the original back door was not here - it was where the window to the left is. This door opens directly into the kitchen, which at one time had a back staircase going up to the master bedroom. (You already know this...) The staircase would have run up this wall; so it makes sense that the door wasn't there at that time.

So last fall we tore down the old porch! I was excited to see the original wooden clapboard. If I could, I would tear off all the aluminum siding. The wall to the right though, was in terrible condition - live ants, dead squirrels, some rot...and then there was the large upright hole in the corner. See where it was patched with raw wood? We haven't quite figured that out.

This is our new, bigger porch. It fits the space, and it just looks right, especially from way back at the end of the yard. This is pretty much where we are at right now. We are replacing the window on the right with a double hung window of the same size as the original windows in the house. We are putting new WOOD siding over the rotten siding. And we are using bit and pieces of our neighbours old sun room (see piles on porch...) to build a knee wall around the porch. We will screen it in above that, and possibly use the windows from the sun room as well. We'd like to have them installed so that they hook up to the ceiling, out of the way, in the summer. With the windows down, we could use this porch in the spring and fall too. It can't be finished soon enough. This week in Lanark County, the mosquitoes and black flies came to life with a vengeance!


Sadie Says said...

Oh the "never finished trap". I used to be there. Finish your bedroom before you become blind to the unfinished parts-- because then you'll never do it.

The porch looks great already! Can't wait to see it finished.

Kathy said...

I know I'm behind a little (just found your blog!). The porch looks great. "What were they thinking???”. I ask myself that about our house all the time! It's a work in progress (job security). It's nice to see a lot of buildings in your town have been saved, we tear too many down. Good luck!!!!!