Friday, May 23, 2008

The Staircase

I've been busy going through the entire house finding things we no longer need for our yard sale tomorrow. It's been a bit of a trip down memory lane... remember Polly Pockets?

But, to keep everyone interested - a few shots of the one original feature left in our poor house. The staircase. Our house is the old traditional centre hall plan. You come in the front door and look right up the stairs. I believe it's very bad feng shui! There is a room on either side of the stairs, and then at the back of the house, the kitchen. It's a very simple, small house. The stairs when we moved in:
Paint over paint over varnish over varnish, I believe. My brother spent a few days sanding the treads for us. I spent the next year trying to scrape and sand the risers, and eventually decided it would be easier to paint them.
The blue is a lot darker in real life. I don't like it in this photo. One of the best things about our stairs is the width. They measure 3 1/2 feet wide. Two adults can walk up side by side, holding hands! (I think my husband and I did this only once. Just to see if we could.)

This is the upstairs hall. That's the crazy quilt my great-great aunties made. This hall is next on my to paint list, and again, there's no baseboards yet. Stay tuned!

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Sadie Says said...

You don't have any railings going down the stairs. That's not code! haha

I'm envious of your nice old stairs.